quad was eh
tired as fuck

i’m so sick and tired of this place and i honestly cannot wait to leave

i honestly don’t know how much worse my life can get right now and like idek dude like i’m sick of all the shit i’m sick of not knowing what’s gonna happen i’m sick of living here and not even feeling safe in my own home i’m sick of having to put up this front like it doesn’t affect me i’m sick of not being able to talk about it because literally no one is gonna understand what’s happened/ happening in such a short amount of time like it is unreal even thinking about it and like i’m honestly scared of this shit and like yea i’m scared and i’m angry as fuck and i just don’t know what can be done because it is all out of my hands and like i just want it all to end i want a semi-normal life again and i’ve no idea if that’s even possible it’s like it’s just a waiting game and that’s all it’s been now for months



Can’t sleep…